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Project Description

MS CRM 2011, adding a custom control for File Uploading purpose inside the forms, by using the features of MS CRM itself.

It gives you flexibility of extension control, label configuration etc.


Why this custom plug-in?

After the release of MS CRM 2011, I have worked upon so many projects based on this platform. I feel very relaxed and comfortable with the features provided in it and the level of customizations.

But as we move forward in this technology and if try to fulfill client requirements, sometimes we are blocked by some limitations,

Limitations with MS CRM 2011 file upload:

1.       The limitation with MS CRM 2011 file upload is that it comes as a dialog from the ribbon of the form, so if we are removing the ribbons from the form, it makes it bit difficult to use file upload.

2.       For restricting the allowed file extensions, we have to fix the allowed file extensions in the Administration section of the organization means it will be done through out the organization,finally results in very less customizable site.


To overcome this, sometime we go with silver-light plug-in but

Limitations with Silverlight file upload:

1.       Silver-light file upload cannot be integrated with the Outlook -64bit


What we get in this Custom File upload plug-in:

1.       This file upload is based on latest XRM objects but not CRM as CRM is going to be deprecated

2.       We can customize the label for the file upload

3.       We can customize the width of the component as per the requirement of the UI

4.       We can use any number of file uploads in the single form with different customizations for each separately

5.       We can restrict any number of extensions for a particular file upload

6.       We can validate the file extension of the uploaded file and get the MIME type (currently we are not using this functionality but function is present in the plug-in)


Steps to integrate it in your project:

Find the steps to include it in your form in Documentation section and plug-in code in the Source code section

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